Sunday, February 22, 2009

Still yammering......

About Professional Development.
Today's (February 22) Sunday Outlook section in the Washington Post inspired a response.
Two articles seem to be at war with each other.  One ("5 Myths About Schools That Just Can't Be Fixed."*) claims that teachers AREN'T the answer to reform because they resist further training.
The other, a review of Jay Matthew's book Work Hard, Be Nice  celebrates how two TEACHERS caused real reform in the form of KIPP schools. That seems to refute Kalman R. Hettleman's claim in the 5 Myths article that teachers can't be part of reform, don't 'cha think?
The answer lies between the two.  Give teachers time to work on their own initiatives and you'll get an explosion of reform that looks different for every localized problem and that meets community needs.  And maybe even individualizes instruction for kids.
*Can't find this one online.