Monday, January 8, 2018

Walking into the Unknown...Switching platforms.

Its been quiet here....and I have moved.

Since my last posting in February, 2016 I dropped blogging in favor of several projects.

First, I retired from teaching in the public schools in May of 2016--so I am no longer walking to school.  Retirement frees me to focus on the work of the Shenandoah Valley Writing Project and the next phase of my ongoing edification.

It also provided the much needed space to complete a manuscript begun back in 2013 at one of George Mason's summer institutes.  (If you are a teacher who wants to write, or wants time and inspiration to write, apply for a National Writing Project Institute near you.)

I am happy to report that the book has been published by Routledge. 

Write, Think, Learn: Tapping the Power of Daily Student Writing Across the Content Areas is ready for purchase in several venues.  If you have interest, you'll find it at Amazon here and through Routledge here.  Or stop by the MiddleWeb page and get their discount.

The book has inspired me to move these ramblings to a new platform, focusing on sharing and discussing teacher practice.

If you have been a follower,  thank you. 

The education of our youth through equitable and effective public schooling has been important enough to spend leisure time reading about the roiling reforms of the past decade.  Sadly, we are not done with the churning, but with your attention we have a hope of regaining a sane program which lifts up children instead of squashing them.

May we all be thinkers one day.  May we all have the opportunity to see what we know.

Nulla Dies Sine Linea.

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