Thursday, December 27, 2012

Not Just a Teacher - 2

In October I attempted to honor the work done on a daily basis by strong, passionate educators.  Be it remembered, that when you know what your purpose in life is, it is not hard to act with conviction.

From our values extends our purpose.  From our purpose extends our actions.

It is not hard to act when you know why you are here.

These teachers, like so many others, lived their values through their work. They nurtured children.

Rachel Davino, 29, Behavioral Therapist, Sandy Hook Elementary.

Dawn Hochsprung, 47, Principal, Sandy Hook Elementary.

Anne Marie Murphy, 52, Special Education Teacher, Sandy Hook Elementary.

Lauren Rousseau, 30, Substitute Teacher, Sandy Hook Elementary.

Mary Sherlack, 56, School Psychologist, Sandy Hook Elementary.

Victorio Soto, 27, First-grade teacher, Sandy Hook Elementary.